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Control and monitor your irrigation 24/7 with advanced technology

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As a grower, you know getting water to your crops when and where it’s needed is key for increased yields. In the past, this meant looking forward to additional costs and worries during peak irrigation times – early morning pivot checks, increased fuel costs from those additional trips to the field, even adding additional labor during the summer months. Some days, it seemed like your irrigation equipment had all the control. It was just a part of the business – until now.

Valley Controls are designed to help you regain control by virtually eliminating unnecessary visits to the field.

Program – With a variety of easy-to-use program options that fit the size and condition of your operation and the pace of your life, you’ll be able to conserve energy and time while greatly improving your yield potential. Use GPS Ready control panels for precise positioning or add GPS Guidance to a Valley Corner or Linear to eliminate buried wire.

Monitor – Monitor all of your equipment with easy-to-use tools that provide an at-a-glance view of your irrigation set-up to ensure more efficient, less stressful irrigation. Complete safety checks and monitor field position.

Control – Our communications options bring advanced technology and give you “control-on-the-go” 24/7 SmartPhone or the Web. Start and stop your irrigation equipment, change direction and application depth, plus much more.

Relax – From monitoring your equipment and accessing alarm indicators to programming your irrigation machines, these options deliver peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re operating at maximum efficiency, saving resources and reducing downtime.