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Valley Pro Cornering Systems

You want to make sure that every inch of water is uniformly and efficiently applied on your field. Uniformity ensures that you get the most yield for every inch of water applied. Efficiency helps keep your operating costs low and assures that every drop of water is used toward your end goals – a healthy, bountiful crop and money in your pocket. Correct water application design for your field is crucial to your center pivot or linear’s performance, and your Valley dealer will make sure you get the right design in your hands. A machine working at its best will not only increase productivity, but also your profitability.

When you’re ready to have your sprinkler package custom-designed for your field, we will ask:

What is your soil type and texture?
Proper sprinkler package design helps reduce soil sealing with medium to heavy soils.

What crops will you grow?
Crop height is an important factor in sprinkler package design to ensure maximum uniformity. The type of crops grown are also used to determine machine flow rate.

How would you describe your field’s terrain?
The slope of your field must be considered when selecting a sprinkler applicator to minimize runoff, which will keep water where it does the crop the most good.

Correct Spacing is Criticalnelson-sprinkler-packages

Each sprinkler applicator must be positioned correctly to maximize water delivery, and the overlap of the sprinkler pattern is a critical factor in making sure your crops are getting water where they need it. Correct sprinkler spacing is achieved through Valley® computer models that ensure uniform application once the sprinklers are installed in your field.

Low-Pressure Sprinklers Conserve Energy

Low-pressure sprinkler technology provides solutions that lower your energy bill because you irrigate at a lower water pressure. You can effectively operate sprinklers at 10-20 PSI, which is significantly lower and more efficient than previous sprinkler generations. Your local Valley dealer will work with you to select the correct sprinkler design to decrease soil compaction, reduce sealing, and create excellent water infiltration into the soil profile.

Crop Protection Products and Fertilizers Can Be Applied

Growers like you can realize substantial savings when crop protection products and fertilizers are applied through center pivots and linears, rather than via ground rigs or aerial sprays. This is especially true in the case of crops that require several applications in the course of a season.

Over the years, we’ve listened to your needs, and we continue to offer various sprinkler options to fit your field and your machine.

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