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Valley, Reinke, Zimmatic, & Others Pivots – Parts, Upgrades & Conversions

ALL Serviced at Valley Pro Irrigation!

Service Commitment To Our Customers

We hold firmly to the belief that good customer relationships create long term friendships. We like to call it our “sleep well at night policy.” Our customers can count on us when the time comes.

Though it may put extra pressure on us at crunch time, we are proud to say “Our customers are our friends!”

    • We strive for 100% SAME DAY SERVICE!
    • ALL BRANDS SERVICED including VALLEY, Zimmatic, Reinke, & others.
    • Center Pivot Insurance
    • Location Services
    • Service Agreements
    • Summer Repair
    • Underground Pipe & Wire Installations
    • Conversions and Upgrades
    • Preventative Maintenance & Winterization

Customer Satisfaction Is Our #1 Goal.

We are committed to learning the needs of our customers and have learned that listening to you, the customer gets the job done right and saves time and money.

We stock all parts needed to give you prompt, on time service and repair.We service all brands so that you can rely on us for a one stop service center for Valley, Reinke, Zimmatic, & others.

We strive for 100% same day service. We achieve this by better organization, better stocked trucksfactory trained service technicians and a local distribution center for parts. We have a licensed electrician on staff and can install all of our equipment based upon the current electrical regulations.

Loyalty Rewards – We reward our loyal customers who purchase new systems with a quicker response time that guarantees minimum down time when it most matters.

Follow Up – We track any “call backs” to determine if we failed in any way to correct the problem the first time and if so we bill only what it would take to fix the problem correctly the first time.

Classes for Customers – Each winter we offer service schools for customers to teach basic mechanical operation of your center pivots.

We offer an annual “Winterization and Preventative Maintenance Program” to get your pivot ready so that when its time to irrigate your pivot is ready to work for you!

Our service men are factory trained to make sure they are current with all product changes and needs. We are committed to continued education and increased knowledge of the entire industry to keep our customers the most efficient and profitable producers in today’s market. All of our service trucks are well stocked and contain the necessary equipment and parts needed to get your system going as quickly as possible.

We also provide pivot insurance through our stores. We can readily supply you with a quote at the time of purchase or after installation.

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Goal