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Valley Pro Cornering Systems

Your center pivot has saved you water and increased your yields, but what about those field corners and areas around existing structures and trees? Valley® corners, Benders, and DropSpan™ can solve these challenges by picking up those missed corners and that non-irrigated land. And, here’s the best part – when you put land you already own into irrigated production, you’re growing more crops and increasing your annual income! In fact, our studies show that growers like you can increase profits by at least $600 per acre of corn, just by putting more of your existing acres into production.

Throughout the years, we have listened to your needs, and we offer many options to help you irrigate more of the land you already own:

Valley Precision Corner

Our patented, computerized option that irrigates the corners of the field.

Valley VFlex Corner™

A new, completely customizable corner option. Available to order in October.

Bender30™ & Bender160™

A center pivot add-on that increases your irrigated acres by bending the machine around obstacles.


A center pivot and linear option that disconnects spans to irrigate behind obstacles at the edge of the field