Valley Tracker™

First in the industry with remote management via Smartphone.

Use Valley Tracker to remotely communicate with your pivots and linears via Web, Smartphone, or cell phone. Imagine no more driving through rough fields at 2 a.m. to check or start your irrigation. Just pick up a cell phone and make the call or log on to the Web and view all your pivots and auxiliaries at once.

Tracker Mobile uses Smartphone technology to retrieve monitoring and control options from the Valley Tracker. It provides irrigators with additional visual access to irrigation information from the convenience of their Smartphone.

Tracker Mobile, which features easy-to-understand color-coded symbols, performs all control and monitor options currently available to the grower. Users can view the status of all of their irrigation equipment under a single menu and no longer have to make a phone call to every individual pivot to check its status. For a demonstration of the product on your Smartphone, go to

So if you’re putting hundreds of extra miles on your truck each year, spending too much on fuel, and tend to forget what your family looks like during irrigation season, the Tracker is the option for you. 

Match TrackerSP, Tracker2 or TrackerLT with your needs.
TrackerSP Tracker2 TrackerLT
MONITORING with Valley Control Panels
Pivot on/off Y Y N
Voltage Y* Y*** N
Direction Y Y Y
Safety Y Y Y
Diagnostics Y N N
End Gun
Y N Y %
Water on/off Y Y** N
SIS on/off Y N N
Pressure Y* Y*** Y***
End Gun Y N Y
Programs Running Y* N N
Field Position Y Y Y
Auxiliary control status Y* Y* N
Percent timer status Y Y Y
Alarm feature Y Y Y
Smartphone access Y Y Y
Internet access
CONTROL with Valley Control Panels
Start / stop Y Y Stop Only
Water on/off Y N N
Direction Y Y* N
SIS on/off Y
Auxiliary control Y* Y* N


Easily mount the TrackerSP internally on a Valley Select2 or Pro2 panel for additional control functionality.



Externally mount the Tracker box on the Pivot Point to use with all Valley control panels and the ability to monitor and stop most competitive machines.

Dealer Testimonial

“I mean a fella’s out there driving around checking systems when he could be doing something more important than just looking through a windshield”.
Scott Polzine, from North Central Irrigation in Wisconsin


Y      = included
Y*     = yes if control panel has functional capabilities 
Y**    =  yes with pressure switch
Y***  = yes with transducer

*Initial hardware and installation not included. Based on basic Tracker communication center plan rates ($14.95/30 days).
A Smartphone with Windows® Mobile software version 5.0 or later is needed for Tracker Mobile to function properly.