Valley® Scheduling Advanced Management Software, Smart Irrigation Solutions

Valley Scheduling

There’s more to crop health than meets the eye, and with The Leader in Precision Irrigation®, you enhance what you can see. Valley®Scheduling makes managing your irrigation needs easy and efficient. Improve your water application, save money and increase your productivity with the technology proven on 5 million acres worldwide.

Complete Data and Convenient Access

Make informed irrigation decisions using data about your soil, crop type, stage of development and automatically updated weather information. Stay informed from anywhere through a simple dashboard you can access via your mobile, tablet or desktop device. Our full range of irrigation management features helps you eliminate guesswork and improve efficiency. Plus, Valley Scheduling offers customizable options that others don’t. It’s proven technology to help you make more informed decisions about water use and crop health.

Smarter Decisions Based on More Precise Information

Valley Scheduling is one vital part of our complete toolbox of smart irrigation solutions, allowing you to manage the entire picture. It’s total irrigation management, maximizing irrigated acres and helping you make better, more accurate and timely decisions.

Simple to use – The intuitive dashboard accessible via your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Save time – Eliminate complex calculations you used to have to do yourself and reduce time spent in fields manually gathering information.

Increase yield potential and profitability – Use fewer resources by watering and fertigating the right amount in the right places and at the right times.

Improve crop health and reduce disease – Monitor potential crop stress due to over- or under-watering, and increase production and yield quality.


How it Works:

Your farm information, field data and preferences are entered

Our industry-leading software analyzes the data and provides a precise irrigation forecast, showing how much water your crops need and when they need it.

You use the easy-to-understand recommendations, based on either modeled data or precise measurements, to decide a schedule for smart irrigation application.

1. Valley Scheduling

The most advanced irrigation management solution in the world, Valley Scheduling includes software, hardware and expert services. It provides recommendations on where, when and how much to irrigate based on industry-leading data collection and analysis, available in colorful, easy-to understand schedules.
• Your farm information, field data and preferences are entered.
• Our industry-best software compiles the data, and shows how much water your crops need.
• Choose your interface – simple map views or list views
• Use the easy-to-understand recommendations, based on either modeled data or precise measurements, to decide a schedule for smart irrigation application.

2. Remote Management Solutions

Valley offers a variety of industry-leading remote irrigation management solutions that let you monitor and control your pivot, pump, soil moisture, and other equipment from anywhere in the world. AgSense® and BaseStation3™ let you access all of your data and put the information to work for you. Best of all, these smart irrigation solutions from Valley are available with every ICON® smart control panel.

3. Valley Aqua Trac

Connects to soil moisture probes and sensors to determine the soil moisture content, temperature and salinity of the soil. Monitor your soil water status through AgSense. Plus, get a 7-day irrigation forecast through Valley Scheduling.

4. Irrigation Equipment

The best irrigation results require the most reliable irrigation equipment. Valley machines are the strongest available, assuring your irrigation plan is carried out with optimal coverage. In addition, Valley offers total water management solutions to meet your needs from water source to the pump, all the way to the pivot and beyond.

5. Ongoing Training and Support

Our dealers and technicians are certified irrigation experts who put growers first. Once your system is calibrated, our commitment to your success is only beginning. When you work with Valley, you are purchasing the services of a team that will support you long after the sale. We will continue to train you and offer further recommendations based on your data and results.

6. Valley VRI

Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) from Valley can assure precise water application despite differences in field conditions such as terrain or soil type. Our advanced technology options allows you to upload complex prescriptions based on soil maps and high-resolution field data. Satellite imagery of the crops’ life cycle, along with data throughout the growing season, provides results and outlines opportunities for improvement.