Valley ICON 10 Panel – Agsense Enabled

Irrigation Management to Save Water, Time and Labor at Your Fingertips


The Valley ICON10 is the most advanced, user friendly pivot control panel ever made.

The simplicity of commands and intuitive graphical user interface makes operation effortless. Setting end guns, loading VRI prescriptions and creating programs has never been so easy. AgSense ICON Link is included standard with all ICON10 panels. If you are running BaseStation3, your panel will ship ready for simple integration into BaseStation3.

Setting the Standard

Every ICON10 control panel is equipped with:
• Customizable home screen
• GPS Position ready
• Auto reverse/Auto stop
• Patented Valley Cruise Control™

The features you want. The quality you expect.

Entering commands and programs with the Valley® ICON10 is simple and easy with the 10-inch, full-color touchscreen display. The intuitive graphical user interface shows the “real-time” status of the center pivot through easy-to-understand screens and icons. See immediate changes in bright, vivid colors. The ICON10 makes pivot control fast and easy.

Key Features

• 10-inch, full-color touchscreen display
• Intuitive user interface
• AgSense® Enabled – AgSense ICON Link installed standard*
• BaseStation3™ compatible*
• Variable rate irrigation (VRI) capable
• Cable theft monitoring*
• Remote Edge-of-Field WiFi** option available through the ICON app