Valley 7000 – Better than their best pivot

Valley 7000 series Center Pivot


Valley 7000 series – Pilger, NE

7000 series – Better than their best

The Valley 7000 series is second only to the industry leading Valley 8000 series for reliability, durability and overall performance. Engineered and developed as a cost-effective irrigation solution for growers looking for choices, the 7000 series exclusive Classic control panel comes as the standard economical choice along with the new VS-7000 gearbox and center drive.

The 7000 series can accommodate a field with up to 8 spans covering 1500 ft.

7000 series Specifications:
• 6 5/8” or 8” pivot points only
• 6 5/8” pipe diameter only
• 2 or 5 HP booster pump
• VS-7000 gearbox and center drive option
• Exclusive Valley Warranty

Common Valley features:
• Valley wheel gearboxes are the only brand of pivot gearboxes built in the USA 
• Valley Gearbox option
• Valley Controls 
–  ClassicPlus, Select2, Pro2, and TouchPro panel options
– Valley Tracker2, TrackerSP, TrackerLT
–  BaseStation2 
• Valley Pro Irrigation – Your local irrigation experts.

Durable Structure:
• Hot-dip galvanized 
• 4-leg drive unit with braces 
• Ball and socket span hitch 
• Heavy 8-bolt pipe flanges 
• Welded sprinkler coupler 
• Full wrap-around weldments 
• Forged truss rod heads Valley Spans 
• Pipeline and truss rod crowns maintain even distribution of loads
• Tight contact of truss rod head in socket for even loading 
• Polyurethane flange gaskets for longer, leak-free life 
• Truss angle placement and lengths creates even loading on uneven terrain